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A Super summary

Pats SB summaryAfter the historic comeback the Patriots staged in Super Bowl LI, putting this page together the next day for the Union Leader was a good way to make sure I actually saw what I thought I saw.

This was as close as I’ve come to sportswriting (the craft for which¬† I spent 4+ quality years at UNH) in 30 years.

It got pretty good reviews. (High-resolution prints of this and other Super Bowl pages are available at


The Singer


I rarely use black & white on my tab covers, but when you get a photo like this of Max Raabe, who’s channeling a pre-war German cabaret singer, B&W is a no-brainer. All I needed to find was a suitably art-deco font to make one of my favorite covers.


A Portsmouth pioneer

Food BlueStrawberry

James Haller is credited with starting the restaurant revolution that turned Portsmouth, NH, into the per-capita dining capital of northern New England. Having grown up in Portsmouth, and having witnessed the first phase of the city’s transformation, I got a great nostalgia trip from Gretyl Macalaster’s feature.

For the page, I didn’t have a lot of art to work with, so I did some creative coloring in homage to Haller’s landmark restaurant, the Blue Strawbery.