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Market Basket – The Movie

831 MB Movie Poster
A long-simmering family feud boiled over among the owners of the Market Basket supermarket chain in July 2014, leading to the firing of the CEO (one of the two warring cousins), an employee revolt and customer boycott. The drama went on for weeks, leading Business Editor Mike Cote to speculate about the cinematic possibilities. I illustrated his column with this movie poster.


NH Papabile?

Cardinal Lacroix
Reporter Mark Hayward came up with the concept and did the reporting for this alternate story form piece on the papal prospects of Quebec’s new cardinal, who grew up in Manchester. A light but informative take on the topic.


Two sides of the Core

Common Core logo

The Common Core education standards are provoking heated political debate in New Hampshire and around the country. Educators and the business community are generally pro, while many to the right of the political spectrum are con. For a series explaining the standards and the arguments, I came up with this logo illustrating how a single issue is being seen in two completely opposite lights.