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A Super summary

Pats SB summaryAfter the historic comeback the Patriots staged in Super Bowl LI, putting this page together the next day for the Union Leader was a good way to make sure I actually saw what I thought I saw.

This was as close as I’ve come to sportswriting (the craft for which¬† I spent 4+ quality years at UNH) in 30 years.

It got pretty good reviews. (High-resolution prints of this and other Super Bowl pages are available at


Wind chilly

Wind Chill chartonly

For a story on a relative warmup during a tough winter, I pulled two weeks’ worth of high temps and maximum sustained winds to chart what the wind chill factor would have been if both highs had occurred at the same time. (And frankly, the hypothetical was pretty much the reality most days.)


Fraud behind bars

This was my solution for comparing two years worth of unemployment fraud cases. The bottom half of each bar is solid to denote the total dollars involved, while the top half is segmented into the number of cases, according to the dollars involved in each case.