Helping people “get it”

Tom picI’ve had many roles over my career, but the ones that best define me are designer, editor and trainer.

In all three roles, conveying information — verbally or visually — is central to what I do.

Design isn’t just about making things pretty; it’s about making the user’s experience as satisfying as possible. In my experience as a visual journalist, that means attracting eyeballs, making the product easy to use, and adding information and clarity with everything you do.

I love getting the opportunity to teach. Having been deeply involved in the implementation of four content management systems, I train and support users on the system and supplemental software applications. I’m also a regular contributor to design workshops for professional associations and students.

Whether the subject is creative or technical, explaining a concept or task and seeing the light bulb click on over somebody’s head when they “get it” is a very satisfying moment.

I’m fluent in Adobe Creative Suite applications, particularly Photoshop and InDesign, and I’m competent in web technologies including HTML, CSS and Javascript.

And above all the hands-on stuff, I  work hard to foster teamwork, initiative and imagination — they’re critical to the success of an organization — and I am always eager to take on the challenge of making the product or the process better.